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Where are you from?

Whether on an interview, at a party or out on a date, eventually the invitation to share this story emerges.

Our origin, our place, our roots. How do we locate ourselves in this ever changing world?

Knowing where we came from provides a basic sense of belonging, defines a way to engage with others while simultaneously giving context, an x-marks-the-spot, to find and make sense of you all within a socialed framework of acceptable norms.

I’ve been sitting in this question over the last few weeks, as I’ve straddled two continents tending to my parents transition into medicalized nursing care.

Is my “from” story the only one available to me?

Our “from” stories create parameters about what’s possible in relationships with others – whether familial, professional or romatic – and have the ability to either restrict or expand the potentiality for true connection that is inherent in them.

I invite you to consider this for yourself.

What if your “from” story was changed into a “through” one?

…A portal for seeing all relationships (familial, professional and romantic) as part of an ongoing story yet to be fully developed, an adventure being lived into moment by moment, a space and an experience of creativity, innovation, and deep intimacy with another human being?

In these exceptional, turbulent and uncertain times this perspective and way of engaging brings hope. The world is changing in an accelerated way as we speak.

The time to innovate our origin stories is at hand. What will you choose?

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Let Love be your decision today and always,