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Joëlle Lydon- Heart Coach and Teacher.



Support to grow your confidence in the relationships that matter most.

“Your questions uncovered things I was unaware of – and your brilliant solutions are already making a huge difference as I heal my broken heart and depleted body and move toward an energized life filled with love.” 

Dr. Deb Kern

Author and Teacher

“This past year has been one of the most difficult and with Joelle’s guidance I was able to thrive.  Thrive on my own terms, honoring the bad and the good on my own timeline without guilt or comparison to others. Thank you for making the deep work not feel like a train wreck coming through my life.  Makes me excited to keep going and uncover more of myself.”

Frankie Mueller

Digital Marketing

“My laser session with Joelle opened up a new possibility for me. I brought a problem to our session that felt stuck, and during the session felt it loosen its grip. Joelle’s expert attention and listening guided me into listening to my body and allowing a deeply intuitive next step to make itself known. I highly recommend Joelle as a guide into your own deep knowing.”

Clare Monteau, PhD

Organizational Scientist