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Before stepping into Love by Design Mentorship Programs, people find themselves anxious, second guessing their actions and gut instincts. Instead, you will learn to confidently trust yourself.

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Lead with Heart. Use Art. Create Breakthroughs.


Learn to consistently manage the energies of anxiety and doubt to gain greater insight and clarity in your relationship. Apply practical tools to handle uncertainty with grace so you are skillfully equipped to express your needs and wants, allowing you to receive with an open heart.

I don’t think I would have made it through the pandemic mentally without the many tools Joëlle provides. Not only did I have support through this crazy year, I also learned how to rest more regularly and more often. This behavior helped me to be a much better leader & helped me realize my team needs of more consistent rest. And guess what, so do I! Thank you Joëlle for helping me bring the unconscious-conscious. Thank you for being a beacon of light through this year. If you work with Joelle you will come out a better leader & just that much nicer to yourself as well.”

Anna Smith

Mortgage Broker

Working with Joëlle, I felt completely held and handled.  She led with wisdom and love…There was a moment I doubted my ability to carry out the plan and she stood for me and showed me how possible my desires were.  From working with Joelle… I feel the benefits and magic working on my life already!

Brenda Fredrickson


In my work with Joëlle, I was reminded of the sacred element of my work. With her intuitive style, where she channels the guidance she is being given, Joëlle honed right in on my need to create a sacred space for my writing and to stay in the imaginal realm while putting words to paper. I now sit at my cleared off, serenely arranged desk, with my sacred objects all around me to inspire my writing, and really sense the depth that the entire structure will allow me to reach with my writing.

Elise Hebert

Couples & Family Therapist