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My life relationship with my family could be defined as “spotty” at best. An ocean between us made it a relatively easy task to ignore our history, pretend they didn’t exist, carry on with my relationships without concern.

Except not.

Whatever is left unresolved with parents will haunt you in your present relationships. Be it professional, personal or familial. It does not matter.  

I got hip to this nearly two decades ago after recognizing a pattern of disregulation in my relationships on this side of the ocean. My emotional stability hinged on what others did or did not do, thought or did not think, said or did not say. It created constant and unpredictable storms that sent me reeling.

Realizing that the winds and rains would come, I set about finding stability in those storms.

It set the direction for the work I do with my clients. By healing their familial stories they can fully experience the intimacy, connection and love they desire.

Over the last few years, I’ve trained. I’ve prepared to help my parents in their final stage of life.

I felt called to help them die with dignity.

Faced with leaving the home they’ve known to move a medicalized nursing home their behavior has been difficult at best. As they ”misbehave”: throw roadblocks, resistances, anger, meanness and hurtful jabs, I recognize they don’t need others around them who feel as anxious and fearful as they do.

They need more Faith.

Building a solid and stable emotional home has been (and continues to be) my life’s work. 

“If emotional stability is based on love that is changeless and unalterable, then we attain the stability of God.”

Marianne Williamson

As my parents come closer to facing their moment of mortality, is that not the most generous offering one could provide?

If you’re feeling called to a similar loving approach. Let’s talk.

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Let Love be your decision today and always,