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Merriam-Webster definition: (adjective) 1. Capable of being physically or emotionally wounded ; 2. Open to attack or damage.

Derived from the Latin vulnus, meaning wound.

The above sentiment is what most seem to equate with the word – and, because of the perceived great potential for harm, is something many are unwilling to deliberately place themselves in the line of or to express.

You may recognize it by the following behaviors (and, to be clear, behavior is a language)

  • You’d rather die on the horse than be found with a chink in your armor.
  • Judgment, blame, criticism, shame – not curiosity – are the norm in your interactions (and even in your thoughts)
  • You struggle to fully put yourself in another’s shoes – to have empathy. 

All the while, you crave deep connection and intimacy

Let me offer another definition inspired by Brené Brown for you to muse upon this week as you go about your dailies:

Vulnerable: Uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. Not weakness. Is the most accurate measure of bravery.

Not all of us have been taught the relationship skills that will engender intimacy and connection such as emotional intelligence, nervous system regulation, boundary setting, self-forgives, conflict resolution.  As a result, relationships and the people in them suffer unnecessarily.

Whether personal or professional your inability to manage yourself first prevents you from the privilege of masterfully engaging with others and bringing out the best in them.

These skill are learnable. The only requirement is willingness.

How willing are you this week to put this new definition of vulnerability to the test?

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