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There’s a parable by Osho 3 Chinese mystics who did nothing but laugh. Everywhere they went they played tricks and brought peals of laughter to everyone the met no matter the circumstance.

One day, one of them died.

Everyone thought it best to weep. But the two remaining ignored this request. When it came time to burn the third mystic on the pyre, as was the custom, the people of the village thought it best to cleanse him beforehand. The two remaining, honored the desire of the third to be burned as is.

When placed on the pyre, there was a great surprise: the old man played his last trick. Having concealed fireworks in his clothing there was a great festival and all rejoiced and laughed.

This was not death. It was a new life.

This parable is one I share at this time of so much heartbreak – when we find our hearts assaulted by the news, the times, and the people in it.

This is a moment of great change and although you may not be able to choose the course of events, you can choose how you react to them.

When you can unapologetically throw all of the emotion on the proverbial burning pyre and be caught by surprise by the light and festivity that lies within it, you are on the road to resilience.

You are witnessing the magic of new beginnings.

This is not to say you are to diminish what you are witnessing, to dismiss it with thoughts of rainbows and unicorns or to minimize the experience.

Rather, it’s a way of recognizing this, our human and relational experience is what makes you feel alive.

Today, light a candle. Take a moment to quiet your mind. Throw on the burning pyre the heaviness you might be carrying. Give yourself permission to feel it all – especially gratitude for the privilege of being alive at this time.

How willing are you this week to resiliently manage in you the change upon us all?

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Let Love be your decision today and always,


Managing Change