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Your Uniqueness is Your Strength

Julia Child (American chef, author, and tv personality) and her husband, Paul, created a tradition spanning two and a half decades: sending Valentine’s Day cards to their friends. It was born of the fact that they could never quite get themselves organized in time to send out Christmas cards.

Twenty five years of delightful creativity, fun, and authenticity.

What I appreciate about this story, beyond the remarkable 50 year duration of Julia and Paul’s marriage, is the joint creation of a ritual that not only defied societal norms, but also harmonized with their relationship, love and distinct approach.

I am reminded of one of my Heart Coaching clients, George (not his real name). Initially, he was seeking a partner who conformed to conventional social expectations. Through our sessions he activated Step 2 of Your Love by Design: Untangle Past Patterns from Present Need. This allowed him to overcome relationship stuckness by developing trust and making aligned choices.

With willingness to do the “real work” of relationships, he discovered a woman who defied his preconceived notions and possessed the qualities he truly wanted.

For over 4 years, their unique compatibility continues to happily sustain them.

Like Julia and Paul, they are “rule breakers”, charting their own relational course, irrespective of cultural norms or peer pressures, and eschewing expected milestones.

Their unconventional approach thrives, exemplifying the beauty and sustainability of forging one own’s relational path.

I believe that connection is the bedrock of safety, the antidote to feeling untethered. It’s what my clients desire most deeply: to know that who they are truly matters.

Courageously break the conventional rules and expectations on your relationships this Valentine’s Day. .

Trust that your uniqueness is your relational strength.

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