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Truth: A Palestinian and an Israeli….

Before I go any further, how many of you have already taken sides on this issue before I’ve even shared the story?

Last week I had the privilege of attending a presentation titled “Two Truths, One Heart.”  The speakers, a Palestinian man and a Jewish Israeli Rabbi, shared their perspectives after spending most of their lives in the West Bank.  Despite living in close proximity, they hadn’t engaged in meaningful conversation until recently.

Their truths were starkly different.  Each believing their narrative to the only truth about their people and the land, viewing the other side as dangerous and untrustworthy.  Over the past decade, however, brave individuals in both communities embarked on a remarkable journey.

They created a community center – a space for dialogue, empathy, and understanding.  Initially, it was challenging.  Hearing opposing truths about their land and traditions was painful.  Yet, they stayed, determined to listen, to learn from one another. 

As time passed, hearts softened, and a realization emerged: amidst their differing truths, they shared one heart – one committed to peace.   Despite conflicting narratives, they found common ground – the humanity that unites us all.

Their story resonates deeply in our lives and in our own relationships.  Too often, we find ourselves entrenched in competing beliefs and stances with one another – seeking validation for our own truths while dismission others. Choosing rightness over connection. 

When we approach disagreements with an open heart, we can see beneath the surface that we share more than what divides us. 

I believe that connection is the bedrock of safety, the antidote to feeling untethered in all relationships

It is at the very heart of my philosophy and mirrors what my clients (and all humans) desire most deeply – to know that who they are truly matters. 

These two humans share a dance between valued solitude and transformative connection. 

Let their journey inspire us all to embrace dialogue, empathy and Love, even in the face of conflict.  Rather than fixate on who is in the right, let us strive to understand, listen and to act from compassion and wisdom. 

In the end, whether a personal or professional relationship, its not about winning arguments, but about nurturing connections, for in our shared humanity lies the power to transcend even the most entrenched divides.

How to stay connected when each holds on to their truth as the right way?

For more information on their organization to: www.friendsofroots.net