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How you do one thing….

7 seconds.

That’s the average time a person spends in front of a museum painting.

In the Renaissance, artists devoted 2-4 years to a masterpiece, yet viewers engage for just 7 seconds.

Why? It’s the time a painting takes to speak to you, drawing you into its world or challenging your beliefs. Art acts as a mirror, reflecting aspects of yourself – loved, hated, or undiscovered.

You may feel riveted, pulled in, tears in your eyes – recognizing a deep darkness or a longing. At 7 seconds, truth settles in and you choose to linger a while longer or….

…overcome by a boredom or dislike, you leave.

As I often tell my clients, “how you do one thing, is how you do everything.”

Engaging with art mirrors how you relate to others

Do you stay committed through challenges?

Or cut bait at the first sign of difficulty?

Real Love is not for the faint hearted. It’s a martial art.

One Universal Law you can count on is change. People resist it, deploying defenses against love and growth.

As a Heart Coach I help clients confront these defenses, much like a martial artists engage in a Dojo. Against a backdrop of trust and deep understanding, relationship evolve as katas, skills for both challenge and connection.

To love fully, you must be willing to transcend the coveted “I” for a broader “We.” And that’s downright frightening. It entails a willingness to let go of your current identity for a healthier “I” that contributes to the collective well-being of the “We.”

Nothing compares to the aliveness of being in Love.

It’s worth stepping into the Dojo every day with faith.

My programs span a year (clients average 3+ years). Navigating the Relational Roadmap requires knowing the next step to take. For that reason I’ve created The Seven Sacred Steps of Your Love by Design:

Step 1: Build Your Emotional Resilience. Shift your nervous system from hyper-vigilance to calm – your new relational setting.

Step 2: Untangle Past Patterns from Present Need. Overcome relationship stuckness by developing trust and making aligned choices.

Step 3: Trust as your New Normal. Stop cycling through unhelpful thoughts and relationships become easier, more fulfilling.

Step 4: Follow the Compass of your Heart. Lead with the heart for freedom from mismatched partners or situations.

Step 5: The Gift of your Devotion. Break the cycle as your devotion to setting parameters becomes an advocate for liberation and connection.

Step 6: Lift the Weight of the World from your Shoulders. Co-create a unique approach to dating or partnership, honoring your pace for peace.

Step 7: Leave a legacy of Love. With trust as your new normal, redefine challenges, taking your relationship to the next level.

Step 8: Rinse, Rest, Repeat. Consistently work these steps for mental, emotional and Spiritual hygiene, moving toward mastery.

Check in:

  • Are you willing to endure discomfort to co-create a healthy relationship?
  • Can you navigate the primal instinct to leave when it gets tough?
  • If the best version of yourself awaits on the other side of adversity, would that inspire you through the fear?

I sincerely hope so.

Next time you find yourself in a museum or a date, notice the moment you want to close your heart and leave. This marks a pivotal choice point: Love or Fear. Have faith, keep an open heart, lean into Love.

Stay, uncover the strength within you

In just 7 seconds, everything could transform.

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I so look forward to you experiencing the kind of Love you could never imagine.

May Love be your decision today, always, and in all ways,