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Until 2016 I did not know I there was a nomenclature to my lived experience. I believed myself to be different, odd, out of step.

In the ’90’s research on high sensitivity as an innate trait was made mainstream by Dr. Elaine Aron, determining that 20% of the global population is born that way. This means 80% of the global population is not.

What I have discovered is that the highly sensitive nervous system is wired differently than the system of someone who is not. Those who are highly sensitive tend to be physically and emotionally over-stimulated more easily.

This means that as a business owner and leader I am meant to approach tasks differently.

My high sensitivity also means that as a business owner and leader, I have natural strengths that 80% of the population do not. Strengths such as being:

-deep listener
-deep feeler
-deep thinker
-deeply spiritual
-excellent with language
-possessing a deep believe in justice
-detail oriented
-possessing an acute awareness of subtlties

Inc. magazine recently shared that this born trait of high sensitivity can be a professional superpower.

As one who is committed to the deep transformative work of relationship, I bring these strengths to every coaching interaction I have with both a prospective and current client.

As a result of being to consciously do so, my clients experience massive shifts in the way they engage in the relationships that matter most.

Whether you are in a professional environment or in the supermarket, chances are 1 in 5 people you meet will be highly sensitive.

Isn’t that amazing?

How is your leadership approach meant to shift with this new lens in mind?

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