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I stayed with my ex-husband for 16 years and my ex-boyfriend for 8.

I taught K-12, undergraduate and graduate students for 32 years.

I’ve had a coaching business for the last 12.

There comes a moment where one decides to stay with it and persist and another moment when change is being called for.

The space between the two is rich.  A liminal space (or a Borderlands) where you haven’t quite left and not quite arrived.

Sometimes it is quiet, comes in whispers then a clear sign to act – as in the case with my ex-husband. Other times this space is a gnawing, a realization that becomes more evident as the days wear on and the dread that change is inevitable.

Sitting in the question “Do you persist or change?” is quiet introspective work. Work that is not obvious to onlookers.

This does not mean one is flighty or lacks focus.  Roads branch off into different paths and some reconnect.   This does not indicate a lack of direction.  Goals change as you change.   Success requires agility, innovation and assessment.

While in this liminal space, prior to making any sudden moves, I’ve decided to become a student of my own curriculum, reviewing all the modules I have created, completing the assignments I give to my clients. 

I’ve also been asking questions, journaling, creating art, taking walks, swimming, dancing.

Although the above might seem completely unrelated to being in this liminal space from a “logical” standpoint, it is helping my heart in getting more clarity before I act.

My exes?  These decisions were not a mistake, an indecision or me retreating from a challenge.

The current exploration of my Relational Coaching practice is an opportunity to

–       embrace the both/and of moving without losing momentum
–       assess with the sharp vision of my 12 years of coaching experience
–       discern what is now longer a fit.
–       show courage by letting go
–       water and feed what is wanting to grow

When do you persist on your current path and when do you adapt and change?  Persist when you see potential; change when you see a better, more meaningful way.

Where in your relationships or business are you meant to persist?  Where are you meant to change? And most importantly, where are you meant to sit in quiet reflection, for as long as it takes to make a move that is aligned with your heart and calling?

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