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Sometimes, without any awareness of it, we move into this space in our relationships and our lives that is unrecognizable.

In depth psychology, this place is referred to this as the Borderlands – it is that “in-between,” that liminal place where one has left, and not quite arrived.

Early in relationship you can find yourself there: not quite where you were before, not quite where you were going. In those moments, when you recognize yourself standing at this threshold, you could tell your partner were you are, check in to see whether they, too, seemed to be standing in a similar spot.

For example, you might recognize that you are no longer purely “dating,” but that the relationship was taking on some depth. You may have been having thoughts of switching titles from “this person you’re seeing” to “my boy/girlfriend” where you notice a shifting into more exclusivity.

Before committing your heart to the next portion of your adventure, check.

When you feel yourself on the threshold of something new, more profound, taking you deeper into the exploration with one another, finding yourself in the Borderlands, ask one another:

“Are we still in?”

The Borderlands is not a tidy place. It causes anxiety, turmoil. It muddies up the waters, can have you confused if you don’t recognize it for what it is.

But, when you’ve done the real work committing to long lasting Love it becomes a conscious, moment to moment choice.

That threshold can create so much pressure to act. But when you are consciously loving, it becomes a waiting room, a place to rest in in full faith…

…for the miracles inherent in committing to openly giving your heart to another for the sake of exploration.

Where are you currently in the Borderlands? I invite you take the time to inquire. Creating an awareness of it expands it, gives you more breathing space, tips you into the waiting room where there is plenty of time to sit, reflect and consciously choose your next move.

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