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In another lifetime I used to feel victim to the vagaries of Love, to the way it could sweep me up with as much ease and detachment as it could pummel me against the raggedness of cliffs, leaving me torn, open, gasping for air.

I did not understand the Art of Love, then. I did not have a road map. I did not know how to locate myself on the path, nor that there was such a thing.

I was consciously incompetent when it came to Love.

It wasn’t until I decided to become a student, observing, researching, practicing that I could recognize the dance that is falling in, staying, and sustaining Deep, Soulful Love.

Only when I understood its nature, could I then harness it for myself.

Scientists, in an experiment to determine how the mating patterns of fruit flies shifted, changed, and evolved, raised them in total darkness. After fourteen generations, the males no longer gave the typical courtship dance. “Instead, they tapped around in the dark until they found a female and then tried to force copulation; the females did not turn them away.” (Jonathan Weiner, from “The Beak of the Finch”)

It would seem many generations have passed for us, that in total darkness and misunderstanding, men and women have lost the nuances of Love – we have turned from courtly dancers to blind, tapping beings desperately seeking love and connection indiscriminately.

It is time to reclaim the Roadmap to Love.

It was only when I became well versed in its intricacies, applying them to myself and to my life, that my Beloved came along, and we could explore the many little steps to the courtship dance.

The path is simple:

1.     Willingness (to believe in your worth): the desire to do things differently than you have
2.     Consistency: Staying with it even when uncomfortable
3.     Competence: the courage to course correct when needed
4.     Commitment: the humility to face adversity, together
5.     Worth: grown strong from the decision over and again to engage in 1-4 with Devotion

This path is NOT a one and done. Rather it is a choice made over and again, and again, and then again.

How will you choose to reclaim your roadmap as a Devotional Practice?

May Love be your decision today, and always.

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