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A “fata morgana” (the Italian translation of Morgan Le Fay, the fairy shape-shifting half-sister of King Arthur) is a mirage.

It’s an optical illusion that results from temperature inversion.

It’s the illusion that objects in your horizon – whether it be ships, mountains, cliffs, icebergs, Love – all look distorted. elongated. elevated.

Your mind does the same thing, especially in the throes of conflict, internal or external. It inverts itself. Makes life’s circumstances look distorted, much longer, much taller, much more oppressive, much more elusive than they actually are.


Think of it: when warm air drifts over cold air on the pavement, it creates a refracting lens that inverts what you see and reveals shimmering “fata morgana.” Shifting shapes – just like fear.

If you can let that sink in – that the heat of anger and resentment when combined with the frigid sensation of feeling alone creates illusions, creates fear – then you can relax knowing all your self-talk, all the stories you are telling yourself about why you’re not in relationship, or about the conflict you are experiencing are just distorted figments on your Love’s horizon.

One practice offered by Buddhist teacher Tara Brach to support is to breathe with the discomfort of the distortion, feel it fully while mentally whispering “this belongs,” or “this too.”  By not resisting, you discover a sea of awareness that has room for all the waves. 

I would also offer this for you to play with, “I love myself right there.”

The mind is a very persuasive con-artist. But, if you can recognize its trickery, if you can let the optical illusion ride, then you can begin to play with it.  You can toy with the invitation you to take a greater stand for yourself in your life.

By learning to recognize the “fata morgana” and attend to fear with care, its grip loosens, and you can reconnect with our full aliveness, wisdom, and love.

What part of this will you take with you to have access to a heart space that is open and free?

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