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I want

I choose

I claim

I am

Each of these statements indicate where you are in process and in #relationship to your desire.

“I want” implies a lack, the absence for a thing wanted.  You don’t have it yet.

“I choose” is a selection after consideration, a decision newly made.

“I claim” is open to #challenge , an assertion you must defend over and again.  It’s not yours yet.

“I am” is an actuality, a way you feel, you be. It is yours.

When setting your sights on relationship whether new or existing, it’s easy to confuse your “I want” for the thing you’re truly after.

Believing getting “the thing” will make everything ok, people spend a lifetime #chasing after what they believe will bring the elusive feeling that follows “I am.”

Be it belonging, happiness, love, #safety, intimacy, #freedom or connection.

Only to be left wanting time and again.

In truth, the real work is in beginning with the end in mind.  Then, doing what it takes to toggle between who you are being and claiming, claiming and being over and again until you become the full #embodiment of your I am.

I am loved, cherished, connected, exceptional, joyful, open, safe, free.

You need to begin with your “I am” before what you want is ready to come find you.

It is #devotional work.

What decision will you make to be that which you seek, and make it repeatedly until if finds you?

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