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Since the 1980’s, when Jane Fonda and Jamie Lee Curtis made aerobics a “thing,” you could find me in a group class, dancing to the beat.  Walking through the gym, I would spot trainers with their clients on the machines.  

I never thought that kind of relationship was for me.  Until recently.

Four months ago, I searched for the Pilates teacher I loved. She taught a class at my local YMCA prior to the pandemic and discovered she’d opened her own studio.  

Knowing her style worked for me, I hired her as my trainer.  

And, oh, my goodness.  Every Friday night when my husband comes home, I rave about our session together.  Amazed to be pushed in ways I couldn’t imagine.  Strengthened muscles I didn’t know I had. Being taken in her hands, held, challenged, showing what I didn’t know my body could do.  I’ve developed a new relationship with it.  It’s responded incredibly to this level of commitment, investment and attention. 

“I swear, I’ve grown half an inch!” I told my husband excitedly after my yearly physical exam this week. 

Whether you wish to become really fit, shift unhelpful relationship patterns and dynamics, or expand the growth of your business at some point you’ll need to invest in professional help.

People get stuck on the investment part, the money they’ll have to give up, to sacrifice for the support and help they say they want.  

They don’t recognize what they’ll GAIN when they take their wish for change so seriously they’re willing to INVEST in it.

In the end you’ll be walking taller than you did before.

What personal obstacle are you willing to overcome to invest in the support you say you want, so you can have the relationships and life you say you want?

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