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Relationships function as a conduit for both manifesting creativity and for mirroring the extent to which we have the capacity to express love.

If you find yourself seeking deeper intimacy, noticing a pattern of attracting experiences that lack in this regard, it’s time to recognize your own fears and pride – the place where you hold your hand up, where you say, “Stop. No closer.”

To be loved fully, we need to acknowledge these relationships as teachers, pointing us to see where we are closed or open-hearted, where we are full or half-hearted, where we are strong or weak-hearted.

Each experience that leaves you disheartened is a teacher.

If you find yourself mired in a closed heart, you are invited to explore where you still hold grudges, resentments instead of expressing the trust, wonderment, and generosity of an open heart.

Forgiveness begs attention from you.

If your behavior is half-hearted, it is only there to reveal your ambivalence, your lack of commitment, your mistrust and misunderstanding. You are called to do the real inner and outer work of Relational Intimacy- where you can be clear, consistent, and trustworthy.

Weak heartedness is you folding, appeasing, shapeshifting, lacking courage to be yourself in the face of conflict in honest, creative ways.

Love is a Crucible.

Embrace the longing of your heart. It is so calling you to come home. This is the work.

Simple. Not easy.

This kind of practice requires commitment and discipline – your chance to love openly from this day forward without posturing or hidden agendas.

To grow within you the kind of relationship that flourishes from emotional integrity without defenses or restraint.

This is the way of the Explorer who wants nothing more than she get what they wholly desires and deserves in this lifetime. You’ve got it in you to take what is yours.

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