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January 1st and they’re off!

The energy of resolutions is as palpable as the gates opening on racetrack horses at the sound of a gun.

I don’t know about you, but personally, I’m done with racing into a new year. 

Having spent the last few weeks in quiet, deep reflection, I recognized all the ways in which 2022 stretched me and the do different approach required for my relationship coaching clients and myself to handle this upcoming year and beyond with Grace.

One of the trends I noticed this past year was in relational imbalances – where so many over extended, over gave which depleted them of energy, time and resources.

Some of the ways in which this over extension and over giving looked like was:

–       Over caretaking – taking more than your share of responsibilities for people, projects, organizations, issues, or the world.

–       Over extending – stretching yourself to the point of stressing and spending energy, time, money beyond your capacity.

–       Over compensating – making up for what others can’t, don’t or won’t show up for

–       Over efforting – believing striving is what defines your worth, working harder and longer than is needed

–       Over protecting – blocking physical affection, support and intimate connections or waste energy chasing relationships that are not fulfilling or supportive

–       Over indulging – eating, drinking, spending or binge watching tv more than is healthy to compensate for the lack of nourishment, love and care you receive.

There are more ways.  I imagine you probably get the point.

Which of these resonate for you?  How have you been over extending and over giving in the relationships that matter most?

Should these over extensions resound for you, it would seem to make sense to focus your year on doing what I like to call the “real” inner and outer work of changing these unhelpful relationship patterns so as not to find yourself this time next year tapped out and out of sorts.

That we get an entire year (and beyond) to bring ourselves back into a harmonious place personally and interpersonally is exciting.

Would you agree?

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