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“Who don’t you trust? You? Me? or God?”

This is the question I recently asked a prospective client who had received very clear signs on how to move forward.

As a coach who works primarily with highly sensitive clients, this is not an unusual ask. In addition to being incredibly smart, deep thinkers and feelers, intuitive, empathic and deep believers in justice (among many other strengths), highly sensitives tend to be spiritual by nature.

It is not unusual that God, Universe, Source is weaved into every conversation with clients, beginning with the very first contact we have.

From the onset, the application they are required to complete to determine the potential readiness for my Love by Design Coaching program includes a question on the very subject.

So when this prospective clients answer was “I don’t trust God” I knew we had a deep healing relationship to work with.

Many speak of faith and trust in the powers that be, so when an answer like this one (which by the way, it not unusual) shows up it says a lot about the individual’s level of trust. They’re caught in a loop of:

wanting love —— desiring help —— receiving a clear sign to move forward with coaching —— back pedaling with self doubt and fear of not being able to handle what it would mean for them to truly change.

Which kicks up all the unreasonable reasons they shouldn’t act on it: 

The sign wasn’t (big, shiny, intense etc) enough.  
They didn’t like the sign they received and want another.  
They are not “feeling” the sign.

From a place of self doubt, mistrust and fear, they try to negotiate with God, Universe, Source.

The clients I work with are people who are willing not to just say they want what they do but understand that when a sign is clearly received their next step is to act with faith.  

They are called to believe before they see.

That changes your relationship with everything.

When you can believe in love for yourself before you have it, you’ll see evidence of its potentiality everywhere – and therefore evidence it’s possible for you too.

What signs are you meant to act on today in service of the relationships that matter most?

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