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“1 or 2?”  “2 or 3?”  “3 or 4?” asked my eye doctor as she flicked each lens on the Phoropter at my recent checkup. (don’t be impressed.  I had to look up the name of the contraption.)

Some of the lenses were so close, it was challenging to note a difference in clarity.

To manage the anxiety-produced crazymaking thought of: “what if I get it wrong and the prescription on my glasses ruins my eyesight forever?” I used a technique I teach my relationship clients:

Pause. Take a breath. Check in: which FEELS truer? Choose. Trust. Let go.

As a relationship coach who also happens to be a highly sensitive person (HSP), I am privileged to be part of 20% of the population who is neurologically wired to process information more deeply.  Processing deeply takes time.  So, when a series of questions is presented quickly, it’s easy to become overstimulated and overwhelmed .

Instead, I chose to call on my strengths and training to handle the rapid changes to stay focused on what was needed: a nifty pair of glasses that helped me see clearly.

I could choose to stick with the same glasses and prescription year after year because they’re familiar, comfy – even if they sat poorly on the bridge of the nose, slipped off the ears each time I looked down, hung at diagonal on the face.   Each time, cursing.

A Course in Miracles shares that the Ego mind (the part of you that delights in keeping you in the familiar and unhelpful patterns) loves to run at a low level of misery.

Miserable enough to curse or complain.  Not enough to motivate change.

Many people want certainty, to see the full picture, before they are willing to make a change.  They look to mitigate risk.

This is impossible . 

Honestly, if you already saw the full picture, you’d be actively engaged in making it happen.

We’re taught to “believe it when we see it.”

The REAL work of transformation rides on knowing YOU’LL SEE IT WHEN YOU BELIEVE IT (Wayne Dyer)

This means taking a stand, making a choice in service of the relationship, work, life you want as an act of good faith .  

From my two decades experience doing this kind of work, I can assuredly say that when I do, I always get what I need.

How willing are you to BELIEVE the relationship you want is possible before even seeing it? 

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