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Embracing the Season of Wintering

“In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

As Fall graces our home, I ponder the profound wisdom of these words. For my husband and me, Fall is typically a season of bustling activity: stacking wood, preserving the harvest, and preparing our gardens for their winter slumber.

With each passing day and the dwindling daylight, I feel an inner yearning to ease into a slower rhythm, to hush the hurried pace, and to welcome a sense of deceleration. Despite the persistent demands of daily life, a quiet tug beckons towards a more serene pace.

This past year, marked by its share of trials and tribulations, has left me operating on half power.

The whisper of fatigue becoming more than a mere murmur—it’s become a plea for balance, calm, and a sense of rootedness. I’ve been resisting it until, serendipitously, I stumbled upon “Wintering,” a heartfelt memoir by Katharine May.

This beautifully crafted book arrived in my life at just the right moment, offering a compassionate perspective on the art of embracing fallow periods. Katharine May wisely reminds us that “slowing down, allowing our spare time to expand, getting adequate rest, and cherishing moments of reprieve” are not merely acts of self-care.

Ecclesiastes, with its timeless wisdom, teaches us that there’s a season for everything. So, while life continues with its obligations and duties, I will prioritize my personal season of wintering—dedicated to rest, reflection, and putting my inner house in order. I trust that by doing so, I’ll rediscover my own invincible summer. 

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