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Deep transformation

In the words of Rumi,

“Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Recently, I embarked on a truly unique journey with a client. It was a departure from my usual coaching approach that spanned five transformative weeks. What set this particular journey apart was our decision to work in person, face-to-face, and the profound role that art and canvas played in our process.

As we immersed ourselves in this creative and introspective journey, we went beyond the conventional coaching techniques. We infused our intentions directly into the canvas, creating a tangible and evolving representation of our work together. Each brushstroke became a symbol of introspection, a layer of self-awareness, and a channel for the free flow of emotions.

It was during these artistic endeavors that my client began to courageously dismantle the invisible barriers she had spent years constructing around her heart. This process pushed her to the limits of her own longing. She welcomed, in the words of Rainer Maria Rilke, both the “beauty and terror” of her emotions to the banquet table of her self-discovery. In this space, she learned to trust that every aspect of her experience held value and intelligence. We incorporated it all into the canvas. This included not only her own burdens but also those she had carried on behalf of others.

“Not mine. Not mine. Not mine.”

Informed by her past but no longer defined by it, she bravely shed these burdens with every layer of paint added to the canvas. Each stroke was a symbol of release, a return to sender for what did not truly belong to her. In this process, we uncovered a deep wellspring of self-love and authenticity within her that had been obscured for far too long.

In the “beauty and terror” of our life experiences, there exists an innate wisdom. When we allow these emotions to surface, giving them the space they deserve, we find ourselves standing in our relationships more fully embodied and authentic.

Today, my client has a canvas hanging proudly in her home. It’s a testament to the transformative work she undertook during our journey together. It serves as a reminder that creativity is a powerful tool for releasing what’s not truly ours to keep. It allows our inner self-intimacy to shine forth in all its brilliance. 

How can you harness the power of creativity to release what’s not yours to keep, allowing your inner self-intimacy to alight?

I signed up to work with joelle because I wanted to do a deep dive into accepting my body. I have had a long history with my body from feeling too heavy to unwelcomed attention. 

Joelle has mastered the art of creating a sacred space and holding it with love and focused intuition. 

She opened each session with a beautiful centering and each approach to the canvass was thoughtful and energetic allowing the process to be deep and creative at the same time. 

Joelle knows when to help with artistic suggestions and when to hold back and let the creativity flow. 

I felt so held and guided and the whole experience was deeply transformative, rich and fun at the same time. I highly recommend joelle and this exploration.”

~ Jasmine

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