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Looking beyond Me and You in Relationship (part 2)

“You can use the relationships in which you find yourself as crucibles for your own change and transformation, and as sources of support and deep healing. Because love does heal us; love transforms – if we are willing to move past our own egos and show up for the occasion.” ~ Terence Real

Shifting your perspective from a dual “me-you” to one that acknowledges the existence of a third entity at play – Relationship – one with its own energy and form, allows a for a common lens and focus especially when challenges arise.

Relationship = person A + person B + Third entity (the relationship between person A & B)

Shifting from a Me-You duality mindset to a “We-Us” mindset means you aim to not only nurture and support one another, but the Relationship itself. By bringing “Relationship” as the third element is to rise above your own individuality, to look beyond your own egoic needs to the good of all.

And, just as though it were a person, this third entity has a lifespan and its own vitality, whether weak or strong, loving or cynical. It provides an objective way to examine and evaluate our relationships with others, independent of how we FEEL about them.

It lets us see the relationship as it really is.

Paying attention to, watering, pruning and nutrienting it with honesty, openness, vulnerability, connection allows trUSt and Faith to grow as Love is the decision made in its service.

As you examine the relationships you have with people in your life, can you sense into the “third entity” that exists between you? How can Love be your decision today to support its growth?