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Consciously activating a prescribed fire in relationship means a commitment to lean into vulnerability, to staying curious and generous, to sticking with the messy middle of problem identification and solving, to taking a break and circling back when necessary, to being fearless in owning our parts, and to listening with the same passion with which we want to be heard.

My relationship coaching work is meant to take this into conscious, simple, actionable, and doable steps by step.

According to an ancient Japanese legend, there is an invisible red thread tied to everyone’s little finger at birth.  The other end of the red thread is tied to someone we are destined to meet.  

In my work, this thread reveals itself in the following underlying principles:

1.     I am connected to you as you are connected to me.
2.     I am called into this relationship as you are called into it. 
3.     I am responsible for my unique piece of the red thread as you are responsible for yours.
4.     I witness you as you witness me.
5.     Together, we choose to be in.
6.     Love is our decision always and in all ways.

Before engaging in a prescribed fire, be ecologically responsible.  

Look around.  Prepare before lighting the first match. 

What YOUR piece of the red thread in this situation?

Making sense of underlying fears, concerns, doubts, and stories you are telling yourself about the situation is your first step.

If you are responsible for your own unique piece of the red thread, how will you be ecologically responsible today?

A step-by-step training to support you in activating your piece of the red thread is available.  Visit my website to subscribe.

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