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As you become comfortable in your relationship with a partner, those edges between you that initially were full of excitement, energy and potentiality, begin to cool.

The qualities that thrilled and enticed you before, can become mild annoyances and irritations.

Without attending to or addressing them, over time, they can bring a relationship down to its knees.

What’s true in nature, applies here too: a garden untended, becomes a meadow.  A meadow untended becomes a forest.

And with it, difficulty to see the forest for the trees.

Without tending, one’s relational needs can get dismissed.  This is not sustainable.

Seeking to have them met elsewhere is certain to create a forest fire.

What’s one to do to keep the initial heat going long term?

Consciously tending to your collective garden, you choose to activate prescribed burning together.

Prescribed burning involves setting planned fires to maintain the health of a forest and prevent wildfires from overwhelming it.

When you learn to activate prescribed burning from the onset of your relationship, you create a solid foundation to last a lifetime.

Deep down my coaching is about helping you do the real work of relational certainty, and to support you in developing the skills to keep your relational edges actively alive long-term.

How do you set prescribed fires from the onset?  I’ll share more next week.  So come on back .

In the meantime, what sticks will you start rubbing together today?

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