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Are you aware of your “havingness level,” how much you are willing to receive before the sensation of all that goodness feels like too much?

Without an awareness to some of the factors that limit how much goodness you can take in and stay conscious for, you will unconsciously start to self-sabotage.  Awareness, what I call “conscious incompetence” is the very first step.

The real work of transforming your capacity to receive is by going through the process of moving from “unconscious incompetence” through “unconscious competence” (your skillful and natural new normal.)

Let’s take check your “havingness level” your capacity to receive with a simple, but common example.

What we do with compliments is a marvelous metaphor for our ability to receive. Here’s how I’ve witnessed some people handle them:

– That’s a lovely shirt you’re wearing … Yes, it’s a nice print, but it doesn’t fit well (deflection)
– Congratulations of losing weight.  You look awesome…. I still have ten to go. (qualification)
– Thank you for your advice yesterday…  Oh, I just got lucky.  (justification)

If people keep giving you gifts of praise and you continually toss them into the trash in their presence, it won’t be long before they find another place to share their valuable offerings… 

Learning to increase you “havingness level” begins with allowing yourself to receive compliments as a practice.  This simple, and seemingly innocuous act is a revolutionary one, flying in the face of what we’ve been socialized to believe: it is greater to give than to receive.

Start with this response: Thank you. (period)

Deep down my coaching is about helping you do the real work of fully embracing your honest desire, and to support you in expanding your capacity to receive it with an open, vulnerable heart.

How will you allow yourself to be in the practice of fully receiving today?

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