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When my son was a teenager, we visited the Groeninge Museum in Bruges. There he was introduced to the art Hieronymus Bosch. Intrigued by the images of hell and damnation, he asked me to buy him a postcard of the Last Judgement. In three gory panels, it depicts God sorting the sinners from the chosen ones.

When it comes to relationships, we tend pass judgement.

But what if that triptych were reversed? What if we are meant to live out the full range of experiences and emotions available to us. What if the intersection of the material (flesh) and the spiritual are the way to, with open-eyed consciousness, embrace -not just the fullness of heartbreak, but also those things that you rejected or ignored as poor, as wounded, as strange, as other- what is Holy within you?

What if, to experience the fullness of what relationship offers, you needed to love what is most repellent in yourself, to embrace what is dark and frightful and strange, to invite to the party what you don’t think you have a plate for? What if embracing the totality of who you are actually brings you closer to your own Divinity?

“Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.)“ ~Walt Whitman

When we are willing to join both ideas, not with judgement but with openness and vulnerability, we can see imperfections as part of united whole. Through our acceptance an approval of them, we get to take part in healing a broken and divided world.

Turned on its head, now we can see that both sunshine and storms, though not resolved, are necessary elements in creating a magnificent rainbow.

It reverses everything you may have believed to be true. This idea may even rub up against your own personal convictions. You have the capacity and desire to allow two opposite realities to meet and merge and bless each other to give birth to something new. Something Holy.

How are you meant to hold your multitudes in your relationships today?

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