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The path to great relationships

I used to be a doormat.

I made every relationship choice fueled by the core beliefs that I was:

  • Flawed
  • Broken
  • Not enough to be loved as is.

That last one was a kicker. 

It meant that if my existence was not enough to satisfy another, then I needed to “accessorize,” “adorn,” “add value” to the package that was “me” to be palatable, acceptable…

…to receive Love.

The “me” who was in relationship at that time was pushed down far underground.

I didn’t even know who I was.  

In 2008 – I had a deep, dark, existential night of the soul.

I wrestled with stories that had men at cause for all my misery: they were not to be trusted, only interested in sex, emotionally unavailable, and would eventually leave me anyway.

When I emerged from it, I questioned EVERYTHING about myself and the way I had operated in relationships. It put into question all the fears, doubts, anxiety and, most of all, my default pattern of shapeshifting.

While attending an event where a panel of men were invited to answer all questions the women in the audience had about them, it all came crashing down.

Their answers revealed a picture of the masculine as….

…sensitive, solicitous, charming, open hearted, genuine, wanting nothing more than to make a woman happy.

It blew me away.

Could what was on that stage REALLY be the truth, and the stories I’d told myself for decades be bullshit?

Being inquisitive and a science nerd by nature, I set out research men.

What started off as a personal exploration, became a full out 9-month transformational experience that set the course for my work, my life, and my relationships.

It became a process of changing my mind about men and about my own value.

An opportunity to be at cause for my effects.

My husband, Matt?

He was one of my research candidates… (he still is)

This work, and the support I offer my clients, impacts ALL relationships: with spouses, partners, family, time, money, authentic expression and so much more.

When you know yourself to be enough as is, your relationships will absolutely transform.

Not sure how to do this? No problem. I’ve got your back.

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Aren’t you worth it?

I think so.

See you on the other side.

May love be at the center of all your choices,