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After sharing their relationship struggles, a new client asked why they hadn’t found the perfect partner. 

My answer was simple: “You are not yet the person your ideal partner could locate right now.”

You only receive who you are.

Your dreams, your thoughts, yearnings do, in fact, return to you with astounding accuracy. They’re perfectly aligned with your BELIEFS about what is truly possible, what you truly deserve. 

If you’re in that, oh so familiar, pattern of “I-keep-dating-different-people-but-they-are-really-all-the-same,” this is a huge clue that you’ve got some work to do.

It’s time to clean up your side of the street.

You say you desire to be with that one, ideal person who in your mind is “out there,” a match for what you are looking for. Running alongside your desire, are beliefs, stories, scripts you silently harbor about it actually being possible for you. 

Foot on the gas and the brakes simultaneously, you feel the constriction between wanting what you want and not believing you can have it. So long as this remains unresolved, you will continue to have the experience of getting involved with people who are happy to confirm those beliefs for you.

Have you noticed?

I spent decades in that particular version of hell: frustrated, angry, mistrusting, judging, blaming others (but mostly myself), feeling a victim to my desire for Love.

When I finally took a stand for what it was I said I wanted, got support and engaged in the real work of reconciliation and legitimacy everything changed. 

There is an ancient saying that says “Nothing ever happens without an onlooker.”

There’s something quite sacred about receiving support while doing the work of updating outdated internal operating systems in service of relationships. An individual who has walked your path has the capacity to hold the vision with clarity and faith, even when you stumble on the journey to finding your own.  

The supply of what you desire is inexhaustible and unfailing when you become a clear match for it.

What’s the story you’re telling yourself about what you want and what stand will you take today for your true desire?

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