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Last week was spent in collaboration with my mentor, and a team of women to bring new programming to members of our community of highly sensitive entrepreneurs. 

What struck me was the high level of functionality, focus, dedication to the work while simultaneously remaining deeply connected to one another – whether the task we were engaged in involved another team member or no. 

Toggling between outcome and surrender we had difficulty saying goodbye – so connected had we become over the course of the week.

The relational coaching work I do at Love by Design is in part about that kind of engagement.

Clients come to me excelling at work – delivering quality attention, results, products, service – yet feeling at a complete loss on how to transfer that skill set to the relationships that matter most. They live in disconnection: fully honoring the needs of their work while dishonoring the needs of the relationships that matter.

The skill set we are acculturated, socialized and trained into valuing at work will suffocate a romantic relationship.

What needs to shift?

Resolve the paradox of fragmentation.  

When your attention flows one way at work and in another in your personal relationships it is no wonder there’s a disconnect. 

It’s also exhausting. 

Sequoias are the largest living organisms on earth. Reaching heights as tall as a 27 story building, they a have surprisingly shallow root system of 5-6 feet.  

How do they hold themselves up?

They grow toward each other’s roots intertwined between themselves. Interconnected, they rely on one another for the sturdy support needed to bear their weight.

They do not shape shift to be one way for the wind and another for the rain and another for the sun. 

Their attention is the same every moment of every living day.

And so it is with the relationships that matter. 

You are a point of access through which love expresses itself.

How will you choose to reconcile how your attention flows in ALL your relationships to stay connected today? 

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