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The Reason you keep dating Rotten Eg...

“This guy goes to a psychiatrist and says, “Doc, uh, my brother’s crazy; he thinks he’s a chicken.” And, uh, the doctor says, “Well, why don’t you turn him in?” The guy says, “I would, but I need the eggs.”  Woody Allen   In the past few weeks a friend and a client both said “I do” to marriage.  Both women found a way... Read More

The Secret behind Surrender

“What happens to a dream deferred?” Langston Hughes I’m an incredible dancer.  I know.  I’m bragging.  And, it’s true.  When it comes to partner dances, I have a way of picking up on how a man wants to lead me, especially when he is confident in his skill-set.  I can stay relaxed, alert and anticipating.  This means, if he has clarity of purpose, I can... Read More

Holding another in Deep Soulful Love

“This sanctuary we know as Sisterhood, embodies the mysterious, Sacred Feminine.  Its love rests in a protected part of our hearts, on an unspoken, knowing dimension flowing through compassion and Joy.  It is spread through support in times of hardship and loneliness.  It gives comfort when hearts are broken.  It is the place where roads intersect and visions merge, where power... Read More

The Challenge of Deep, Soulful Love

  My guy and I agreed on a relationship hiatus a while back.   I have to admit that I wondered whether what we had co-created had enough chomp to withstand the challenge of doing this for an undefined amount of time. The initial decision to deliberately be apart made sense given the circumstances, given how prone we were to letting the world fall away when we were together, given our... Read More

The Poetics of Desire

  About 3 months ago, I fell into a deep silence.   I had been feeling overstuffed, cluttered, disjointed.  Beneath it a longing.  A desire, unknown. And I stopped in my tracks. I stopped writing, stopped working my business, stopped spending time with others, stopped pretending.  It wasn’t a depression (I am very familiar with it having had my share of bouts.)  It was more of... Read More

The Audacity of Desire

“You get what you are given.” This was a statement made to me repeatedly in my formative years. As a post-depression child, my mother grew up with the kind of uncertainty, scarcity and lack befitting the times, her mindset firmly ensconced in “never enough.”  This belief, ingrained in me, was such a real truth, that the idea having more was inconceivable.  I... Read More

I got snarky with my guy….

“The mind’s a two bit whore.” Martha Beck (Kripalu, 2013) Last week I got snarky with my guy.  I mean really pissed off. I had noticed it building inside of me, from small spark to a fire that had the capacity to burn down entire villages in its wake. It made no sense. Our relationship is wonderful.  He is attentive, loving, generous, sexy, encouraging. What was fanning... Read More

When surrendering is the last thing ...

I spent this past week-end at Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox Massachusetts.  I recommend this spot for anyone looking to unplug from the craziness of the world and plug into quiet, open space.  Because it was Easter week-end (my son was with his father and my guy with his family),  I felt called to go there. I was looking for a place to land, post surgery, where the energy could support my... Read More

The Key to Love is in your hands, sh...

“To receive love is to risk death…” Harville Hendrix Last week I underwent a hysterectomy.  The weeks leading up to it were rocky.  Fraught with anger and grief, I allowed myself to ride the roller coaster of emotions with about as much elegance and ease as befits such an occasion (picture bull in a china shoppe) while witnessing parts of myself raging against the dying of their... Read More

I’m not perfect. Will he run ...

Wednesday morning, I head to hospital for a hysterectomy.  My doctor recommended it as the most efficacious way addressing a rather large fibroid that’s taken over my belly in the last few months. I’ve been keeping things quiet, but the truth is that of late I have found myself waking up looking and feeling like Quasimodo after a night of too much revelry at the Feast of Fools.  To... Read More

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