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Your True Nature Is A Gift

My son and I moved into our new home last week.   We spent the week-end driving car load after car load of boxes, and Monday the movers came to take the furniture. I spent Tuesday evening cleaning the apartment, readying it for final inspection, contacted the landlord so I could return the keys and he, my security deposit.

I was all set to let go, bid farewell, say adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, later. I digress.  I was expecting an easy exit.

And then the landlord handed the security deposit over to me, smiling.

It was $50 short.

The old me would have been quiet, taken the check (despite the mistake), smiled, left and cursed him and his family to damnation for all eternity all the way home.  Then, to ensure complete annihilation, I would have hidden my shame and self-loathing in a bottle of wine.

If you think I walked away this time, you’d be wrong.

I pointed out the error.

He retorted that I had quoted this amount in a text — although he had received a typewritten copy of my 30-day notice a month prior with the correct amount. (It was true– I had made an error in the text sent to him.)  Then, he pointed out a piece of onion skin I had missed in my cleaning in the back of the fridge…..

I stood quietly.  Are you fecking kidding me?????  This wasn’t right. He was willing to, knowingly, cheat me out of what was rightfully mine?????  And sleep at night??????

I should have been angry.

I should have been upset.

But I was surrounded by an unusual sense of calm.  I extended my arm, check in hand and from deep within me heard my voice, low, slow, and emphatically say, “Just write the check.”

He did.

I placed the keys on the counter (it didn’t even cross my mind to slam them down.)

I turned around and quietly walked away.

Learn from this story and from many, many people who have accepted injustices when they never thought they would.

Your security comes from you.

Figure out your talents and gifts now and find or create the confidence that expresses your true nature. You create your security – by doing things you love and providing that to people who need it.

Standing unabashedly for your true nature is a gift. 

It is the response to a silent prayer.

It tells you that the universe has been listening to you.

It gives you permission to finally start doing something that expresses the real you.

Grieve the loss of the old self. Grieve the loss of your “wasted years.”  Do some mental and heart-based re-jigging. Put aside your ego and false pride. Embrace your truth.

Celebrate the freedom that is coming.

Take the keys to the prison, escape from the dungeon, dare to decide to recreate your life.

The universe has given you permission.

Be grateful that you can finally glimpse the joy and hope that is waiting for you just around this corner.

Embrace the gift and celebrate.

Share below on the blog your thoughts about this, your best tips for people who’ve dealt with injustices and your experiences with standing up for yourself. I love to hear from you!

2 Responses to “Your True Nature Is A Gift”

  1. daphne says:

    Beautiful Joelle. Very inspiring and powerful.

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