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You Were Born Into Greatness…

…but conditioned into mediocrity.” ~ from Harmonic Wealth by James Ray

If this statement resonates with you, as it does with me, there is still work to be done….

Thinking back into your childhood you might remember events where you felt your “Ta-Da!”: pirouetting in the supermarket, playing dress-up, climbing trees, belting one out for your family and friends. For me, this statement reminds me of a time when I was so proud of having figured out Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” by ear on the piano. It was a serious Ta-Da moment – squelched by my mother’s admonition: I had no right to play it, as it was “hers”. I learned then never to outshine her.

Many of us, at a very early age, learn to turn off our light when it makes others uncomfortable – and, because we wish to be liked, loved and accepted keep our light under wraps. It carries through into adulthood when we shape-shift for jobs, partners, families…. That is, until our “ta-da” begins to whisper once more, almost imperceptibly at first, then more insistent until we begin to make change.

The journey to recover your light is invariably preceded by darkness: a crisis in health, a change in status, finances, job. It’s what happens, when you chose to ignore the whisper, and what also comes about as a result of age, wisdom and experience.

So how to navigate your way back to your “ta-da” and shine your light? Start with cultivating a tribe that encourages and supports your growth, and then put on your brights so that your good can find you again. It’s easy to stay locked in the darkness, bitching about all of the injustices in your life. It takes discipline to see your life force and to fan its flames consistently.

Understand this: It takes more courage to turn your lights on with love, fueled with pleasure. It means committing to embrace what is rightly yours. Know that you may lose some people along the way – those who liked you dim – hey, shifts happen…. And, if your intent is Greatness, it’s a small price to pay.

3 Responses to “You Were Born Into Greatness…”

  1. emma says:

    Love this! So very true. Thank you for writing it so well.

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