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A tele-seminar for Stressed Out Professionals

From Fearful to Fierce: Follow Passion and Create Your Life’s Work


Are you a stressed out professional AFRAID to take EMPOWERED

Action toward your Goals?


Do you struggle with fear, anxiety and resistance as you try to follow your passions?  You are not the only one. Avoiding these feelings is one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of creating your Life’s Work.  Did you know that it’s actually more effective to lean into your fear than it is to run away from it?


Participate in this 5-week tele-workshop and learn how to

BUILD confidence so you can see opportunitiesTAKE EMPOWERED ACTION!

This tele-workshop is for you if:

  • You are someone who has been doing the work for a while now to get a sense of what inspires and uplifts you, AND you’ve found something you love.You aren’t 100% sure how to make a living from it but you know, deep within, that it’s absolutely possible. 
  • You really want to create work that is aligned with your Soul’s Purpose and are strongly called to do something to express your True Self, but you are afraid to take steps in it’s direction.
  • Those around you see you as courageous and composed and they are impressed that you’ve found your path, but you are terrified to admit your doubts about it actually working.
  • Sometimes you Kick Ass trying to develop your work and other times you have so stuck in inertia you can’t even think about it.
  • You wish that you could actually pull off this dream and be a mentor to others who want to follow their dreams
  • You imagine being interviewed by Oprah on Soul Sunday, about how you found, followed and fulfilled your Life’s Purpose.  Other times, you wish you could just Dump the Doubt.
  • Then, of course, you experience those nagging symptoms of “What-if-itis”…WHAT IF……you can’t do this…you fail… is supposed to feel hard…you can’t make money by following your passion..your mother was right and you need to play safe…you are too old to start a business…you’re not good enough…you give away your talents for free because who would pay for what you’ve just never get used to putting your heart on the line…you’re actually successful..others think you’re selfish….you won’t have time for your family?????

Here’s the thing:  Holding yourself back from doing what you were born to do is more painful than the fear itself.

The only way to find your Life’s Work is to follow your calling even if ~and especially if~ it’s Scary.

You don’t want to live a life of regret.  Do you?

I can help you because I’ve been there.

I know that following your passions means facing your biggest (real and imagined) fears.  I know that getting your Life’s Work out in the world is much like having a baby: you conceive your ideas, you grow them in the safety and confinement of your mind.  But once labor begins, there’s no turning back.  Commitment to the process is what brings you relief and immense joy.

To move closer to your passion and calling you have to acknowledge your fears, feel them, recognize when they show up in the form of resistance, and pursue them anyway.


It’s your Life’s Purpose.


It’s doable.

It truly is. And I can help.

Sign up for this tele-workshop right now.

 In this 5-week tele-workshop, From Fearful to Fierce: Follow Your Passion and Create Your Life’s Work, you will:

  • Tell the difference between fear, anxiety and resistance;

  • Understand the 6 biggest fears holding women back and identify which one(s) you face;

  • Learn tools you can immediately use to shake off fear and resistance;

  • Understand why fear grows as you move closer to your true calling;

  • Uncover at least one unconscious limiting belief;

  • Clarify what ends and what doesn’t end when you follow you passion;

  • Understand the neurobiology of fear;

  • Receive weekly From Fearful to Fierce Funsheet Packages with play work;

  • Ferret out your fear M.O.;

    Identify where fear shows up in your body;

  • Identify physical sensations in your body as fear or anxiety;

  • Identify one thing that is getting in the way of pursuing your passion;

  • Assess whether you are in resistance or desirelessness;

  • List the energy-draining behaviors that keep you from following your Soul’s Purpose;

  • Write a new story about your fear;

  • Become familiar with your subpersonalities and identify one of yours;

  • Visualize and speak directly to your fear;

  • Practice being gentle with yourself when fear is present;

  • Feel and release fear;

  • Understand the message your fear is sending you;

  • Capitalize on your actionable strategies;

  • Set an uplifting and inspiring intention and womantra;

  • Have 5 tools to choose from when fear shows up at your door.

Answers to questions you might have:

1. Can you really cover this much in 5 weeks????

Absolutely! This seminar does not end when you hang up the phone. You will practice the tools and techniques every single day. You’ll have access to the tele-seminar long after it’s complete – so you can listen to it over and over again. It speaks to something we don’t often talk about, which the real reason women are held back from pursuing their Life’s Work: fear/anxiety and resistance – and you get practical tools for moving through it anyway. My clients tells me this work is most helpful in not taking inertia personally and for taking actionable steps toward their passion.


2. Why such an affordable price?

Fear can be debilitating, and I want to make this work available to all who need it, not just those who can afford my 1-on-1 or group coaching programs. I want to provide this information to anyone who needs it, not just those who can afford my individual coaching or other group programs. This is an opportunity for you to get a sense of my coaching style and for me to have a chance to give to you from my expertise and from my heart.


3. What will I take away from this tele-workshop?

You walk away with a plan, a selection of tools and techniques to help face and deal with your fear, and you’ll select your favourites. You’ll work through questions on the call and participate in doing – not just listening. You’ll get the 32-page From Fearful to Fierce Funsheet Package and you’ll also get the call recording after the call. There is also a free BONUS worth just as much as this workshop. More details about that are at the end of this page.


4. Will I get personal attention on the call?

You will get an opportunity to ask questions and listen to the questions of others.


5. What if I can’t be on the call that day?

There’s nothing like being on a call live – the energy generated by the group uplifts and inspires everyone. If you can’t make it, sign up anyway. You’ll still get the sign up BONUS, the recording of the call and the 32-page From Fearful to Fierce Funsheet Package.


6. What if I’m not happy with the workshop and I don’t get out of it what I was expecting to?

LET ME KNOW – I want to ensure I create programming that is helpful to all women. You’ll be refunded at 100%. No questions asked.


7. I am really a visual and kinesthetic person. I don’t have the time or patience to just sit and listen.

I TOTALLY GET THAT. This is why I designed the tele-seminar to be interactive. You’ll not only have opportunities to do visualizations, and actually DO some of the activities during the call, but you will also have a chance to chat. The seminar is designed to engage all types of learning styles.


8. Can’t I just get all this in a book?

That would be nice… But, unfortunately, no. I’ve put together these activities, tools and exercises from many different sources, teachers and mentors, experiences and clients, and this combination of techniques altogether won’t be found in a book.


No Risk – 100% Guaranteed! This tele-seminar is completely risk free. If you aren’t satisfied with the class, just email me within 24 hours of the live class and I’ll refund you 100%. No questions asked.


It’s really easy to get started. Just click the buy now button below to pay and sign up.

You will receive the call in number and the BONUS right away! The day before the workshop you’ll receive the 32-page From Fearful to Fierce Funsheet Package.

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The Bonus: As soon as you sign up you’ll get The Five Things You Have To Do To Reinvent Your Career Without Quitting Your Job {just yet} absolutely FREE. This is a e-book that will teach you to set your Life’s work in motion, get the support you need and provide the resources you need to get your life’s work started.

This is how it works when you sign up:

1. You’ll receive the call in information and the Bonus The Five Things You Have to Do To Reinvent Your Career Without Quitting Your Job {just yet}

2. You’ll receive the From Fearful to Fierce Funsheet Package the day before the call and a call in reminder.

3. On the day of the call, call in 5 minutes before start time to make sure you get on the line by telephone or by SKYPE.

4. Have a pen and your playsheet package with you as well as a nice, refreshing drink.

***********Because you are in the Intro Call, the price is discounted.  In the future, that will change**********

Because I wish to stand for your desires (and your pocketbook) I am running this program as a tele-seminar, your investment is $247

After midnight, the cost is $297… So REGISTER NOW!

Dates: Tuesdays, July 9, July 16, July 23, July 30th, and August 6th at 1pm Eastern time/10am Pacific time

You will get immediate access to the Free Bonus.  Sign up now!

This is what people who’ve worked with me are saying:


“Experiencing life coaching with Joelle was one of the best things I could have attracted into my life. Joelle helped me to explore my belief system in an entirely new way, which has allowed me to more forward to a new level of conscious living. I realized how valuable my own instincts are to living the life I know I am meant to live and Joelle was there to guide me through the process every step of the way. Joelle has that rare ability to know when to give you that needed push and yet allow you to feel safe stepping out of your comfort zone. My life has been immeasurably changed because of this experience, thank you Joelle!!” – Leticia Valverde-Woodward, LCSW


“Thank you, Joelle! I’m very grateful for my new awareness of my place in this world. I feel secure in the tools I learned from you to manage my dreams and doubts. I am living now in a new normal way with confidence and a satisfaction with my path.” -Diane Nickerson, Founder and Director Castle Island Bilingual Montessori, Albany, NY




“Joelle went far above and beyond my expectations as a coach. She helped me see things in a new light and really changed my perspective about several of the things I worked on during our twelve weeks of sessions. She asked wonderful questions, really honored the coaching process and the energy on the calls, and was very positive (but still not afraid of heavy issues). I felt like she was completely present and invested in our sessions, and that allowed me to feel safe and really make some astonishing discoveries that I wouldn’t have expected to make. I really felt like I had a lot of breakthroughs during this coaching relationship. While I started out wanting to focus on growing my business, I took a bit of a detour and started really focusing on self-care, and the pursuit of pleasure in particular. Joelle was completely game to shift focus for a couple of weeks when I needed to attend to my emotional and spiritual health, and I’m honestly feeling happier and more content than I’ve ever felt, largely due to the support she provided as I explored my needs.” ~ Kylie, Photographer and Writer, NYC

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