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Who do you want to BE this year?

If you are like me, you’ve been thinking of all the things you want to DO in 2013.

All of that thinking got me tired.  It was not aligned with what I needed.  Nesting felt more in synch.

Today, I ask you 3 questions from my bed.  (And, no, I did not spend the whole holiday there à la Alexandre Le Bienheureux.  Just in case you were wondering.)

Click here to hear the three questions you could ask yourself if you feel like you’ve already gained some serious momentum on your hamster wheel:

(Please excuse the jumpiness of the video this week – I enlisted my son as a videographer… )

MINDSHIFT CHALLENGE:  Let me know how these questions helped you this week.  Leave me a note to let us know how things changed for you as a result.  The more specific you are, the more we all benefit.

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3 Responses to “Who do you want to BE this year?”

  1. tanya says:

    As a child, I wanted to be an artist. Not in the traditional sense of the word. It has always felt natural to create, to color, to stimulate the senses. This year I will be that artist and celebrate my work as it will be displayed on the abstract walls of my surrounding world.

    Thank you my friend!

  2. Katie says:

    Another great post, Joelle. I was focused on Doing, as well, though realizing that, watching your blog, came as a surprise. I find it difficult to answer that question.

    As a child, I wanted to be an archeologist. I guess I believed that the ancient world was exotic, mysterious and held Truths that are lost in present day.

    Surely, today I still want to BE ADVENTUROUS!! I want to feel free and unlimited and fearless.

    I read an article today, (Illuminate the Right Way, Investor’s Business Daily). The article advised choosing one word that defines our purpose for the year. I immediately knew that the word for me was “Commitments”, I was thinking of it in terms of the life coaching work we did together.

    Do the two match? I don’t know. Also, will the word commitments be a good one for me, or will I become overwhelmed by a sense of duty to others by the end of the year? We’ll see!

    Thanks for another BEAUTIFUL post.

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