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What to do when Cranky parks her butt on your sofa

I always believed that having a cup that runneth over would be the goal to living a fulfilled life.  Full is always better, right? 

Well that depends.

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As some of you may be aware, I’m back to dating.  It has been a very interesting journey of getting clear on my desires, before asking for them to be met by another.

But what happens, as with me of late, when all that you have asked for is actually coming to you and the feast feels so large, you cannot take yet another morsel?  What happens when the amount of pleasure you have received from asking is SO tremendous you short circuit?   Or worse yet, what happens when the large quantities of shit hitting the fan have stopped the blades from running altogether??

You land smack, dab in the middle of CrabbyVille.

Crabbyville you ask?  Yes.  When your cup runneth over and you don’t make a practice of emptying the overflow, you can find yourself feeling a low grade crankyness which you then act out on others without fully understanding why.

If you find yourself cranky, today’s Monday Mindshift will provide 3 tips for emptying your cup.  Click below to get off the Cranky Train


Why it’s better to practice emptying your cup

If you ever wonder why you don’t have everything you ask for?  Maybe it’s time to clean out your cup.  All that pleasure or negativity builds up and fills your cup with to overflow, so there is no chance of creating space for more (hopefully good) to come your way.

Getting What You Want

We all know ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE.  But are you aware that after you ASK you have to make room for the thing you want.  You have to clean your cup.

So in the words of EnVogue “Free your mind and the rest will follow.”

It’s your turn to share:  What do you do to get yourself off the Cranky Train?  Do you have tools that work for you?  Share them with us below.  We all benefit from your wisdom and experience!  And, of course, if you find value in this content, share it with your peeps!

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