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What is Dying To Be Born?

Are you feeling a sense of unease about your current situation?  Do you feel unfulfilled?  That sense of dis-ease comes when you are feeling stuck in one place, and your heart and soul know better.  It is the distance between where you are and where you are meant and desire to be.  So I ask you what is dying to be birthed in you?

Recently, while at our annual Team Northrup Advance in Maine, I was inspired to create a free Women’s Summit via tele-seminars – gathering all of the women whose work I admire so they may share with YOU their love and wisdom.  My vision?  13 women, 13 weeks (It’s a Nia, Mayan, moon cycles thang…)  I had NO idea how I was going to make it happen, and, quite frankly, I have NO idea where the idea came from.  It just dropped in with a clear sense of knowing that I needed to act upon it.

I figured that if I could get my first “yes”, I could rest assured the Universe was giving me a nod to step into the unknown in faith.  I walked away from the week-end with six women wanting to jump on the bandwagon.  A major confirmation. Well, I am up to ten “yes” so far and it’s been loads of fun having women stand for my desires (to give you a peek at the lineup… Barbara Stanny , Dr. Lissa Rankin, Alisa Vitti, and Debbie Rosas are among them..).  Here’s the tricky part:  I have NO clue how to take the next step… I am not as computer savvy as I thought… So paralysis has set in…

The next step is so huge – and Bertha (you remember Bertha from my Valentine’s day entry?) has been SO loud.  Now, as her name connotes, she is not a slight gal.  In fact, she pushes her weight around fiercely in my head  So, what’s a sister to do?   What does one do when one’s dream is just calling to be born, and one’s habitual voices get in the way of the process?  Out myself.  This blog is my way of telling everyone I am beyond excited to share with you this juicy project! I am requesting that you hold my vision so that when I falter, the vibration of it remains strong.  I am determined to share this work with you.  I am determined to make this work.  And I need your help.

What are your desires?  What has been waiting for you in the sidelines to be birthed?  I want to know.  Let the whole world know even if you have no clue HOW it’s going to happen.  Come clean.  Be transparent.  Share it with me here, and tell everyone what you are up to so that you may call on them to support you through the process of bringing it into the light.  I, for one, will hold fiercely onto your vision until it becomes manifest and another comes forth wanting to be born.

In the meantime, I wish to share with you a collection of wisdom, poetry and art from inspiring women put together by Lianne Raymond.   Perhaps, it will give you the courage to keep aiming toward your dreams.  So girl, keep me in your thoughts, I’ll keep you on my mind.  Remember, your dreams need a witness.  Let me hear and stand for yours.

xoxo   Joëlle

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