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Welcome to My Journey

Hi There,  Welcome to my blog.

This blog is intended to be a chronological reflection of my ICA and life learning experiences.

It is now 10:35 on October 3rd 2010.  I have just documented 4 practicum coaching sessions I have done with my two clients, thus far.

It is my intention to graduate by June 2011, and look forward to enhancing my life experiences by doing, what I believe is and has been my life’s purpose. Tying all of the threads together with coaching to allow others find their life’s purpose as I have mine.

I began in the month of July and took 13 classes during that month.  Started with a bang.  Since, I needed to take care of family, and going back to school as a teacher, which has put a damper on my studies.  And, I can honestly say that, I am finding my groove in that regard, and am now ready to continue getting back on the calls.

To my credit, I have taken on 2 clients this month as well as continued meeting with my peer coach – so I haven’t dropped off the face of ICA universe altogether.

This new assessment tool (blogging) will be a wonderful way for me to keep tabs on how things are progressing.  It will allow me to truly be a reflective practitioner, provide accountability, give me structure and direction and have a space for me to anchor my  goals and desires while in the program.

I welcome any feedback from you as I move through the process, develop my coaching abilities, and muse on life and love.

In love and light,


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