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Warning, This Might Sting: 5 Tips on Persistence

It’s the middle afternoon, another hot and balmy summer one, when all of the sudden I hear my son’s panicked scream from the deck: “Mom! MOM! MOOOOOOMMMMM!”

He never calls me “Mom.”  Ever since he was old enough to talk, it’s been Mamma.

I knew something was up.

When I get there, he’s bent over.  “Is it still on me?” he asks.  I’m confused.  “The wasp.  It just stung me!”  It had been completely unwarranted.

Now, it has been an unusually dry summer in upstate New York and the wasps have taken up residence in a way I’ve never experienced before.  I had noticed they had become more prolific and had installed themselves in the soffit all around the house.  But mostly above the deck door.

Yellow jackets.  Nasty buggers.  They love community – and send individuals out to attack, seemingly without provocation, at a moments notice –  in self-defense.

A few days later.  I was stung – back of my neck.

“That’s it,” I thought.  Time to call a wasp expert.

Adam showed up the very next morning, assessed the situation, and announced we had an infestation which would warrant a super duper dusting/spraying and a monthly upkeep.


He donned a suit and went to work.  For an entire hour he dusted and sprayed.

I was pleased.

He was a knight in wasp fighting armor.  My hero.

Two week later…

It’s Sunday.  They’re back and I’m pissed.   I just had this dealt with.  How could they?  It’s not possible!  Fecking A.

My son and I go to town – we spray the eaves on the barn, the nests under the deck and watch the buggers drop to the ground.  We hang up a wasp trap off the deck.  We then knock each and every nest off, drunk with glee.  Vindicated.

I am impressed with their persistence, nonetheless.  Their insistence is a reminder:

1. Work slowly – sleep late, go to bed early, but work your ass off during the day – it’s when you are the most productive.

2. Work with a supportive community – these buggers do not build their nests alone and, if undisturbed, they can create pretty impressive ones.  Call on your peeps – with their support, you can build bigger and better things.

3. Protect your vision – the moment anyone threatens your project, remove them immediately.  You don’t need a naysayer taking the wind out of your sails…

4. When you get sidetracked, have a plan  No worries.  Perhaps you need some time and a different perspective to get things right.  I heard once that it’s most important to have a clear sense of direction.  That way when you get way thrown off, all you need is some course correction to get back on track.

5. Get back to work – When you’ve assessed the situation, get back to work – You know how to do it now.  Choose a new location, a new approach.  Keep at it until you get the results you desire.

Lessons sometimes come from the most unexpected sources.  This week, thank the wasps….

As always, I’d love to hear from you.

Do you have a trick for staying on course?  What is your best tip for getting things done, no matter what?

Leave a comment below and let us know.  Be as specific as possible in your comment as your wisdom and experience helps us all.

Thank you, as always, for tuning in.

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