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Transitioning With Intention


How do you manage to move through transitions in your life?  You, know, move from one thing to the next with a sense of ease and grace?  I was stumped when asked this question by a client recently and had to think about it long and hard.  I wanted to come up with a “formula”.  There is no such thing, truly.  However, I believe that there is a natural process to being able to make a shift.

View this quick clip to hear the answer I was able to come up with.  If you like it, “Like” it and give me your feedback.  And, if you have questions that are plaguing you, send them my way.  I’d love to have a chance to chew on them and share with others who, like yourself, are looking to step big into their lives.

Alone you can do only so much.  Together, you know it, we can move mountains.  I am here at the ready standing for your desires.



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