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Not So Keen On 2013

In the past I have been a HUGE fan of New Year’s Resolutions.

This year… Not so much.

There.  I said it.

(This admission might get me kicked out of the Life Coach Club.)

But hang with me, here…

I attended my first Bat Mitzvah this week-end  for the daughter of my oldest friend.  The moment I arrived at the Temple I realized she had grown so much taller since I had seen her this summer, and, when it came time to give  her “lesson” to the congregation, she did it with such poise, I could hardly keep myself together.

We spent the afternoon celebrating her young womanhood – and she, flanked by family and friends, bathed in the glory of this rite of passage.

It made me realize the importance of these rites of passages in our lives.

New Years happens to be one of them –  a time when we reflect on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going. It is an incredibly important time for self-awareness. For self-development. For creativity.

But unfortunately, New Years has become synonomous with “resolutions.”  And most of us don’t set actual resolutions. We, instead, create laundry lists of grievances of all the things we didn’t accomplish the previous year and wish to have unfold this upcoming year.  We think that this list holds Magic.  That with it, everything will change.

It doesn’t.

A true resolution isn’t based on hope.

It’s based on will.

It’s a definite decision. Deciding that we want something enough to follow through with the actions to get it.

So instead of heading down Resolution Road, I thought I’d try something different.   Why not create a board based on those 13 years my friend’s daughter has been on this earth?  The 13 full moons of 2013?  And, most importantly, an acknowledgement and celebration of my own personal rite of passage this year (which is probably why I wasn’t so keen on looking at this year in the first place):

Turning 50.

Feel free to play along.

1. Choose one word that symbolizes where you have been, the quality that you are most proud of. A word that embodies your journey to this moment.

Persistent.  I am proud of my ability to stay on my journey, whatever that takes.  It is sometimes not easy and I am quite certain this year, in particular is pregnant with change for me.

2. Choose one word that symbolizes what you are currently practicing or working on. A quality that you are reaching for right now.

Community. This word symbolizes my desire to belong, love, trust and serve others.

3. Choose one word that symbolizes who you will become this year. The quality that embodies your journey forward. The word for your future.

Light. Symbolizing healing from the inside out. Light heart, Soul, mind, breath and body.

4. Pick one location that you will actually visit this year. This place can symbolize the places that your journey this year.

Portland, Maine. So that I may hang out with Dr. Northrup and my Team Northrup. So excited – each year is more rich.

5. Pick one activity that symbolizes the actions that you will take this year. The things that you will do.

I picked Nia – organic, prepared, raw, and present.

6. Pick one person you admire.

I picked my friend, Deb – whose courage, heart, commitment and love for herself and her community is something I desire for myself and for you all.

7. Pick something/somewhere that you belong.

Right here.  You are my community. My people. My friends.

8. Pick one food/drink that symbolizes physical health.

Green protein shake.

9. Pick one word/image that symbolizes emotional/spiritual health.

I picked two: Love and Surrender.

10. Pick one thing that you most want/need to offer or give. One way that you need to be more generous.

My ideas.

11. Pick one quote that speaks to you for the upcoming year.

If all you can do is crawl, start crawling. ~ Rumi

12. Pick one theme song for the upcoming year.

This girl is on Fire – Alicia Keyes

13. Pick one thing/image that symbolizes open-heartedness, practicing calm, thought work, growth work, or any type of self-development work.

I picked two: Walking in the woods with Harvest and journaling

My next action step is to make time to find images that go along with these thoughts – as a way to anchor my will.


I challenge you to answer these questions for yourself and find visuals to pair them up with.  Share your thoughts below with us.  It is always so powerful to have your words witnessed!


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