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The Spirituality of Money


“Money is an external reflection of our inner landscape.  When we don’t take care of cleaning up the inside of our financial home, it doesn’t matter how pretty the yard looks, eventually, the garbage spills onto the lawn and all the neighbors find out….”~ Joëlle Lydon

We call it the “Almighty” Dollar.  Strange, no?  We have grown so accustomed to living in a world where we split the material and the spiritual yet blend the two in this expression.  Since when is matter not spiritual?  We are put upon this earth to serve, to create: we want to do something kind, give to charities, step into our life dream.  Yet often we have a little voice in our head that says ” I can’t afford it.  It costs too much money.  It costs too much time…”  It keeps us stuck between a longing for what we want to create and in an obligation for what we think we HAVE  to create. Why should money be bad?  Money at its root, is a beautiful idea.  It is a way to connect human gifts and human needs.

I have struggled with this notion.  I have a gift: an uncanny ability to help others step into their lives in a way they have never thought possible, an amazing vehicle to help people with their health and with their wealth.  People have a desire and a need for this.

Where did the idea that asking for an exchange of money for this gift become profane?

I remember, back in 2007 when I first started my business with USANA Health Sciences and my relationship with Team Northrup,  I was SO excited – I wanted everyone healthy and well.  I wanted to help everybody achieve the kind of financial abundance I had seen from my Team members.  It was absolutely achievable.  I knew of so many who would benefit.  I wanted this to be the answer to their prayers.  It was a calling for me.

My enthusiasm was met with covert disdain.  I had become a “salesperson”.  I was sleazy, dirty, tainted.  Even my boyfriend at the time expressed his discomfort with this newly acquired role of mine.  And, although he had no trouble enjoying the benefits from the products (losing 40 lbs., no longer suffering seasonal allergies, amazing skin, increased energy…),  I had become a pariah.  So, I did what any pariah would do: go underground with what I did, and sadly hid my desire to fulfill what I saw was a sacred mission: helping others have better lives.  The whole notion of being excluded or avoided brought me to a stand still.  It revealed one of my deepest fears: If I stood in this calling, I would be abandoned.  And, once abandoned, I no longer existed.  So, I stopped talking about or doing anything about USANA.

What is it about money that has left us so impoverished?  So paralyzed?  So distant? I believe that we teach what we are intended to learn.  So I am strapping on my ovaries and “outing myself” here.  Clearly, my life mission never changed.  The bit of courage that has grown within me to live it authentically, has.   And so has my commitment to USANA and my desire to offer it as another tool in my ever expanding resources box.

There is something quite Spiritual about money.  It takes us on a fierce journey of growth, discovery, courage and self-love.  It propels us to stand fiercely in our convictions, so that we may bare our gifts and connect them with those who are in need.  In teaching Barbara Stanny’s course Overcoming Underearning®, I recognized myself in that, in this particular instance, I was a serious underearner:

  • I gave my power away – and put my desire to be rescued and financially secure upon my ex-boyfriend (who I saw as my Prince Charming)…and had forgotten to sent him the memo….
  • I was co-dependent – and put everyone’s need to feel comfortable above my own.  They wanted me exactly as I was before.  It was disconcerting that I would change and grow…. why should I deliberately cause that?
  • I craved comfort – having the vehicle to make my Dream come true was uncomfortable.  I sabotaged my success rather than endure the discomfort of change.
  • I self-sabotaged – I underestimated my ability to be successful at the business, so I stopped actively building it even though I justified being involved by remaining committed to all of the products.  I had (and to this day continue to have) the greatest belief in them, the company and their founder, Dr. Myron Wentz.
  • I was controlled by fear – of abandonment, of disappearing and, My number one fear, fear of success.  “Our deepest fear is not that we’re inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we’re powerful beyond measure.” Marianne Williamson, remember that one?

I could go on… What for?  It is my desire to stand true.

How are you connecting your dreams to those who would benefit?  Is your belief around and relationship with money getting in the way?  Consider how you may be holding yourself back from being able to live your One Authentic Life.

I want company on this journey.  Together we can truly put the “Almighty” in the dollar and change the world with our gifts.


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2 Responses to “The Spirituality of Money”

  1. Linda says:

    Joelle, i love your raw honesty about your fears and vulnerabiltiy around money. i can relate to much of what you say. Since i have taken the Overcoming Underearning class myself. i can highly recommend it.

    PS. i loved the video.

  2. anasha says:

    I’ve heard the song, but never saw the video. Thanx for sharing. Connecting to my dreams now! Its a tough road! I’m coming to terms with where I messed up and doing what I can to make things right. Then I’m pressing forward in my business to make a big deal out of what I’m doing. I know that it is necessary. It is my love.

    You’re an amazing mentor Joelle!

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