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The Shocking Truth About Following Your Passions

“If you were made to choose one of these passions, which one would you keep?” my business coach, asked me.

I panicked.

Live without BOTH in my life?

I am a Gemini.  It is in my nature to be creating and to be involved in several projects at once.  I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur who follows the next and the next creative impulse…. When I do, I feel alive….What fills my heart?  What places me in the flow?  What helps me feel connected to Source?  What do I Kick Ass at?

“Coaching.”  I heard myself say.

“Time to give up the other business,” he said.  “It’s holding you back.”

“NOOOOOOO!!!!”  I screeched in a pitch I didn’t recognize.

On the car ride home alone, it dawned on me that the “NO” had come from little Joëlle.  The idea of dropping the other business had put such fear in her, she verbalized it fiercely.

I hadn’t heard her voice so clearly in a long, long, time.

The shocking truth about following your passions

Coddling Moth Mating Disruption – Utah State University

As it turns out following your passions can very much be like a male moth chasing the scent of a female.

Put simply, female moths release scents called pheromones, which attracts the male.  In this analogy, the pheromones emanating from the female are the equivalent of one of your passions and you, my sweet sistah, are the male moth.

If there is only one location from which the scent of Moth Love is emanating, it makes it pretty easy for the male to locate its mate.  No, it won’t be a direct route – there’ll be some zig-zagging along the way – but eventually he’ll find the object of his desire. Just as you will find your calling if you follow the sweet scent of your passion (Top picture.)

Now, stay with me here as I walk you through this Mothy analogy….

What if, along with the True Calling (female moth – the real deal), there are other seeming “passions” placed around it, dispensing “pheromone-like” scents? Notice the bottom picture, sistahs…. Your path not only is convoluted, but misguided – having you chase NOT your calling, but distractions that leave you dissatisfied, unfulfilled and, well, plain dizzy….

Believe me, as the moths in the picture show, it’s hard enough finding your way when there’s only one source.  Blazing a career path when you have two or more passions can be confusing.

Worse, friends and family get frustrated by what they see as a lack of commitment or courage, which furthers the cycle of indecision.

But if the moth could give you just one piece of advice, it would be this: it’s as valuable to know when you’re off the scent as it is to be on top of it.

Passion Love Shacks….

When setting off to find my calling, my first instinct was to work my full-time job while workig part time at two (and sometimes three) separate activities.  It worked in theory, but has, in all honesty, been a source of conflict for me.

In fact, I had recently started to wonder if I wasn’t, indeed, a derailed and lost soul.

You see, I’ve been doing my moth thang for the past 5 years and realized I was having a hard time honing in.  My zig-zag distraction? Fear.

I was afraid to let go of my USANA business, not only because of the money, but because of the amazing community it keeps me in.  I was afraid to let go of Nia, because, despite it being ONE more thing on my plate, when I teach, I become fully-expressed.  I was afraid to let go of my coaching, because, much like Nia, it allows me to remain in the present moment and channel on behalf of my clients.

Quite honestly, I’ve looked an awful lot like the Moth in the second picture above, getting completely off course, zig-zagging, turning myself in circles, and getting farther away from my calling.  And the more I’ve gone back and forth, the more I’ve felt like a failure.

What if what I’ve been doing is critical to the whole process of reaching my goal?

Wait?  What is my goal?  Maybe the answer does not lay in needing to choose between being a coach or an entrepreneur, but in finding a way to hone in on my Female Moth (my True Calling) and build my multi-passion Love Shack.

How to find what you’re missing

“What will determine the course of your life more than any other one thing is whether or not you’re willing to tolerate necessary discomfort.” Barbara Sher

If you’re a multi-passionate individual struggling with the idea of what to focus on, let me assure you that feelings of discomfort are so part of this ride…

Some passions are destined to be hobbies.  For a long time I’ve worked in education by day and danced on week-ends.  I never wanted to become a full-time Nia teacher.  This arrangement has allowed each passion to stoke the fire for the other.

But entrepreneurship has been different.  While it doesn’t have to be a full-time pursuit, you’re either committed to doing it or you aren’t.  I’ve been kicking my supplements business into high gear lately and, simultaneously, I’ve noticed the passion flame of coaching grow dim.

I’ve let fear of success prevent me from dealing with my discomfort rather than be fully expressed.

And my coach saw straight through it.

Time to get quiet.

Time to listen.

And, if you are looking for an answer, I don’t have one, here….

But, if you are multi-passionate needing to get clarity, a coach is your best bet.

Your ideas may or may not work out.

But don’t let fear prevent you from trying.  Whenever it wells up inside you, turn to your cheerleaders for inspiration.  Hire a life coach for guidance.

Instead of talking you down off the ledge, they’re going to tell you to Leap.

They’re probably right.

The worst thing you can do is stand there, heart in your throat, while the comfort of your old life calls through the open window.

I write these words for me, also.

When you leap, you might just discover you have wings.  And just like moths, it’s only in flying that you’ll get to find your way to the light of your True Calling.







What multi-passion are you struggling with?  How have you found your way to your True Calling?  Let us know below!

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