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Are you still looking for “The One?”

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 8.04.48 PMThere are so many areas in which women get stuck when dating.  The first of which is that they confuse dating with relationship.  That gums up all the works (but I’ll address that in another vlog…)

The place I see most falling down, is in thinking that there is ONE right man for you.   Or – worse yet, you need to hang on to the one you’ve got even though he is far from being a fit… You’ll put up with behavior you’d never, under normal circumstances, tolerate because (as you justify), “But, he might be THE ONE…”

This lack mentality (another vlog- watch it I’m on a roll…) that there is only ONE Soulmate, One man out there is completely false – And, to make matters even more challenging, it is compounded by the belief that “All the good ones are already taken, or gay….”

This week I share a different perspective.  A challenge, if you will.  I expect you to take it on, being the research maven that you are….  Click below to find out how your beliefs could, in fact, be holding you back from being in the kind of relationship you so long for…

The Myth of “The One” from Joelle Lydon on Vimeo.

It’s your turn:  What if you chose to look at all of the positive aspects in each and every man this week?  C’mon…  play with me.  And, of course, report back.  Share your findings.  We would love to hear what you discovered…

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