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The Art of Getting On With It


I’m sitting at my desk, amidst stacks of paper, business cards, pens, notebooks, electronic devices and cables, and other detritus, stunned, into inaction. Might as well blog.

I have been a champion follow-through-er in the parts of my life for which I feel passion. Compelled by the drive to have them take center stage in my life and to prove my abilities, I have been a model of perseverance and discipline. No matter that sometimes I’d spend hours or days fully immersed at some project while balancing full-time employment, motherhood, and the daily minutiaes of life. I live for the high of being aligned with work that is true to my heart and feels as if the dance between who I am and what I do gracefully coalesce.

This presents something of a dilemma. Thanks to my time of life (late 40’s) and due in no small part to coaching and being coached, I’m just not motivated, or at least not as motivated, by the desire to impress, the fear of falling short, or the need to be doing something, anything, to feel valuable.  Yet, I find myself unable to get started on a project that is due in two weeks.  What’s with that?

Nothing like blogging to restore some perspective (and procrastinate…). Like journaling, my daily meditative practice, blogging begins in the whim of the moment and then goes where it may go.  It also holds me accountable.

If Fortune is smiling, a post may go towards insight or clarity or, on the best days, something of service. Should Fortune withhold her grace, a post may languish, in which case one always has the option of deleting it. But unlike journaling, blogging has just enough of an outward focus to keep one honest while affording not only the opportunity to experience and express a human foible, but also to share that humanity with whomever might be interested at the moment.

Ahh. So just prior to waxing poetic, this post was awakening a wee bit of “get on with it” seasoned with a dash of “get over yourself” and a generous sprinkle of “guess I might as well start sorting through the muddle.” With that, here are some of the things I intend to put into practice to help me with this process of muddling through today.  I hope they help you out, too.


Where there are no distractions.  The public library has become a fave for me… (You’ll know I’ve truly lost it if I begin to clean their toilets to avoid working…)


Use a timer and stick with it.  If the project feels huge, set a timer for 30 minutes.  Resolve to do only that much that day.  (Hey, but if you are inspired to do more, go for it!)


I know this is probably pretty obvious, but, make a list, write an outline…  Get a sense of direction, the big picture before you roll up your sleeves and get to it. (Checking things off is great – akin to taking your bra off at the end of the day…)


It does not take long to dispel the charge that has built up from working.  Call a girlfriend, get your groove on, put on your favorite playlist and dance dance dance!


We’re in the dog days of summer, here.  Take thee to a pool, lake, park, massage, Nia class, yoga, or movie to get your mind off the project.  This will give you time to relax, digest, create space, get new perspective, inspire new ideas.

Your projects will get done.  Getting started is what needs to happen first.  And, with these structures in place, you (and I) are bound to get on with it.


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