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Streamline the Manifestation Process for 2013

I love putting these vlogs together and have another juicy video for you!

We’re down to the last stretch of 2012 and I want to help you get your BIG Manifestation Ball rolling!

Here’s Part II of intention setting video to help you do this…

VIDEO #2: “Getting Clarity on Your Desires – Streamlining the Process With Support from Source” 

I know you’ll relate to this video if you’ve been:

  • Feeling overwhelmend by all the desires you have
  • Feeling STUCK by indecision – you have no clue what to focus on first
  • Feeling like the clock is running – and you, out of time to get your dreams manifested!
  • Wanting to be doing the dance of joy this RED HOT MINUTE about each and every one of your realized desires… (No point in waiting, right?)

I wanted you to know I hear you.  I hear you!  So, I’m here to help!

 Click here if you missed Part I of Manifesting the new year.

MINDSHIFT CHALLENGE: This week, I challenge you to post a picture of your Part II – which is an Angelic representation of that which you will accentuate, appreciate and create in 2013 as well as that which you have flipped to attract.  We look forward to seeing all your dreams on paper!

P.S. While this material doesn’t cost you a cent, I am building my Right Livelihood, after all.  So all I ask from you is to share this article with at least 3 friends.  Fair trade, right? xoxo

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