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What to do when you are sitting in a big question

“Discomfort is aroused only to bring the need for correction into awareness.” Course in Miracles.


My Sisters at Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts

We just celebrated National Siblings Week.

It was both bittersweet and filled with love for me.

You see, to ignite my courage to change, I had to make a tough decision regarding my biological family a few years back: I had to excommunicate them in order to find myself.

It was not an easy decision.

But the discomfort I felt around them was like an indicator light telling me that something was “off.”  That I needed to do what was right for me, despite what they or others thought, so that I could make the changes I needed to live an Authentic Life.

So, I turned to friends for support.

Knowing they were available for me to lean on helped me understand the Power of Community.

It helped me learn to receive.

Life is that way…

You have to decide that you’d rather be respected than liked for awhile, until you’ve crossed the bridge and feel confident enough, grounded enough, clear enough and strong enough.

And yet, you think no one would understand. You believe they’d think you crazy for wanting to change your life.  You think you need to keep to yourself while you “figure things out.”  You feel overwhelmed and feeling alone in this questioning.

It’s a road best not traveled alone –

yet so many of you do.

Sometimes you have to make tough decisions about your career, about your partner, about your children, about your health or about money.

You have to shift your thinking. 

Until your purpose  is your guiding light.  Not your fear.

Until you see that your life is not an obligation.  It is a Gift.

The journey demands a road map.

That’s when you turn to your Clan – your community – to stand for you when you have difficulty standing for yourself.  These are people who understand the journey to Fulfillment.

And if you have none that you can think of?

I’ve got your back.

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