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Of Seva: Selfless Service


“…you can earn love by providing a service.  And if you become strong enough and capable enough to meet your needs for yourself, you’ll never have to feel vulnerable, never have to face possible rejection.” ~Dr. Christiane Northrup, The Wisdom of Menopause

Radhanath Swami


Life has an amazing propensity to send us the messages we most need to hear, at the most perfect moments.

My sweet friend, Tanya, invited me to go hear Radhanath Swami speak at the Sadhana Center in Hudson, NY last night.  I had no idea who the man was.  I knew nothing of his importance to others, except by the extreme and humble bowing of his devotees (who filled the room).  I realize this will probably sound sacrilegious to those of you who actually know of him:  when I walked into the room, personally, I just saw a dude in orange clothing…

He spoke of his journey and told us stories as a way to teach lessons.  Quite frankly, as sweet as the man was, I found myself thinking “been there, done that.  Yep, he’s just recounting his journey.  Nothing new here…”

I sat in this unimpressed state for most of the evening…

…Until he came to the concepts of Atma (the Self or Soul) and of Seva (selfless service for the betterment of community).  It was my Soul’s journey he was speaking to: this, not so easy, path toward my own Atma, my own Authenticity through my actions in service to others.  I recognized in his words, that this path I am on is, on a much deeper and grander scale, my Soul Service to God.  As such, what I do (through Crystal Source and otherwise) is work of amazing magnitude and importance. I hadn’t recognized it until last night.

I have recently been wrestling with my feelings around Crystal Source Women’s Circle tele-seminar series.  Mostly in that, I have not received the kind of feedback I thought I would – so it has propelled me into self-doubt: Is this work really reaching anyone?  Does anyone care? Why do I need approval to fulfill this purpose? Why can I not fully trust the inspiration to create this project in the first place to be enough of a reason to continue wholeheartedly?  Why do I lose steam when it feels like the wind has died down and the sails are no longer full enough to keep the movement of the boat progressing forward?  Is this just a phase?

I don’t know.  But…

I am benefiting from this project. I am inspired. I am loving the sense of community I feel from these amazing women visionaries who said “Yes!” to my vision.  I appreciate the synchronicity of each talk with my own life.  I know the call to do this project was blown into my heart from a different source.

That should be enough for me to keep going.

In fact, there’s a greater reason: Following this service through to completion is going to propel me to a greater place.  This prospect is scary.  (No wonder, I’ve been looking for an excuse to quit.)  Stepping into the unknown, requires Faith.

Do I walk alone in this?  No.  I trust you are out there, having your lives be fuller and more inspired as a result of having listened in and connected to this community.

The journey for all of us is in sustaining our Faith in the stillness, to strengthen our sense of Self enough so that eventually, we become strong enough and capable enough to meet our own needs without question.  And, more importantly, step into our Greatness.

You carry within you the kinds of dreams that are meant to shift and change this world.  The are magnificent and beautiful beyond words.  They are meant to be birthed and are your Soul’s Service. I am here to support you in any way I can in that process.

Keeping my rudder in the water, even in the quietest moments.




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3 Responses to “Of Seva: Selfless Service”

  1. You are amazing I had some calls going and did not complete for the same reasons you feel like giving up! Stay strong dear. People like myself come back and listen to the recordings and get lots from them. Keep doing your do diligence. I've found that it pays off in ways that you never ever thought it would. Would love to chat with you about different ways to use what you've got here sometime. If we can ever catch up with each other. LOL! Love you SG Joelle!

  2. Tanya says:

    For the purpose of personal reference, I changed the gender of this quote, an exerpt taken from "Walden" by Henry David Thoreau: "If a woman does not keep pace with her companions, perhaps she hears a different drummer. Let her step to the music which she hears, however measured or far away." With the words and presence of Radhanath Swarmi, the gathering community, and your company, I was able to take time to reflect on my own authenticity and greatness. Thanks Joelle, for sharing such an enlightening evening that I had previously considered a stray from my typical weekend path.

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