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Don’t believe what the Sentinels say…

The Lilypad

The Brian Brundige Trio


Me: You can find me at a table upstairs.

Cashier: There are only two of them.  Don’t bother.  They’re always full.

Me: (ignoring cashier’s warning)  Thanks.  I’ll be upstairs.

….I walk up to find myself the best table there, with a perfect view of the Sunday morning coffee shop band: The Brian Bundige Trio.

If there is one thing I have learned in my time on this earth it is this:

Don’t believe the Sentinels.  

You can see them everywhere: on the television news, advertisements, political campaigns.  Even the conversations among friends seem to carry with them a morsel of fear mongering.  They have their own agenda, mostly well intentioned to keep you safe, free from disappointment, free from hurt and harm.

They want you to believe THEIR truth.

What I’ve learned, though, is that every time I have given credulity to their story, I have cut myself short from what I want.  Take for example the upstairs table scenario which I shared at the beginning.  The cashier wanted to shield me from disappointment because, in her experience, they two tables available are ALWAYS taken.  I chose to ignore her warning.  I knew better: when I set my mind to it, what I want usually happens despite all outward evidence to the contrary.

The truth is YOU get to choose what to believe.

Think on it.  Really.  Have you ever questioned someone’s well-intentioned warning to get exactly the result you were looking for?  I can list example after example in my experience.  And surround myself with people who choose to live their lives drinking from that Kool-aid punch bowl so as not to fall prey to all the fear mongering that surrounds us every single day.  I don’t know how it works really. I just know it does – that when, like a petulant child, I chose to believe what I chose to believe, more often than not that’s what I get.  It’s as if the Universe knocks itself out to deliver the goods I want, once I have clarity and unwavering faith around it.

When you do, EVERYTHING changes.

Had I believed I would never find the man of my dreams, that all the good ones were taken…  Had I believed what I had been told by well-intentioned girlfriends in that regard…  Had I believed that the men I was dating were all the pool consisted of, I would have never found the Deep Soulful Love I desired.  I chose instead to become the woman I knew my partner would want: the most beautiful and unapologetically authentic version of myself that I could knowing full well my perfect partner was out there, no matter what the evidence showed, no matter what the sentinels said.

You get to co-author the Love and Life you’ve always wanted.

Give it a whirl….  Go through the next week deciding to believe what you want to believe, ignoring every naysayer who crosses your path.  You’ll be surprised what you’ll get.  And, of course, share your findings below.  We can all use more examples of the Miracles we can create by just choosing to anchor into something altogether unbelievable.  Altogether magical.


Joëlle Lydon MA, CPC is a Love Coach, educator, speaker, writer, poet, and founder of an online site that features savvy and soulful advice, articles, videos, private consultations, workshops,  and retreats (both live and virtual). She has been featured in Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, Healthy Life Magazine, Times Union Newspaper, Life at Home Magazine,, Blog Talk Radio, Healing Springs Journal, CDPHP, Time Warner Cable News, Fox News and more. You can also follow Joëlle on Twitter and Facebook. 

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