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Secrets From Bali

Last week I had the honor of interviewing my friend and colleague, Dr. Deb Kern.   I knew she had taken a two-month  hiatus last year in Bali, but had been quite mum about the whole thing until recently.

I contacted her after receiving several of her “Secrets from Bali” newsletters and told her that what she was writing felt like the rumblings of a book.  She agreed that her experience there had been life changing.  I asked to interview her about this topic.  She gladly accepted.

Here’s the description she sent for me to share with you:

Dr. Deb:  Unplugged and Unrehearsed

Feeling ripe and juicy after 36 years of dedicating her life to the study and exploration of mind/body/spirit wellness through western health sciences, Ayurveda, Tantra, Yoga, body integration techniques and cross-cultural spirituality, Dr. Deb Kern’s response to the request for an outline of this session was silence.  Then giggling.  Then the clear truth of her desire to share whatever Spirit guides her to share in the moment to be most helpful to whoever might be listening.   

I am so excited to share this first in a series of monthly Inspired Conversations to Ignite Your Courage to Change.  Deb is truly a pearl and I am so grateful for her generosity of spirit in sharing these new learnings with you.

CLICK HERE to listen to this inspirational call.

If you want to get in touch with Dr. Deb Kern and/or find out more about her Bliss Routine program, go to

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